Back in the Blogging Grove

I've been inspired recently to pick up blogging again.  A couple of really good blogs I've been checking out that inspired me are Colby Martin's blog and Glennon Doyle Melton's blog.
You'll never know what little tidbits you'll find here.  One thing is certain, I'll blog about books I'm reading.
I'm currently reading Wayne Gretzky's 99: Stories of the game.  What a great book for any hockey fan, especially in this 100th season of the NHL.  It provides a great backdrop to this season and is a great historical read of the game.
Seven books I need to read this Winter/Spring: Present over Perfect - Shauna NiequistLove Warrior - Glennon Doyle MeltonA Mile Wide - Brandon HatmakerFinding God in the Waves - Mike McHargueThe Great Spiritual Migration - Brian McLarenThe Divine Dance - Richard RohrUnclobber - Colby MartinWelcome to this leg of the journey (for however long it lasts)!

I Wanna Be Elected...

“Election is weighted on the side of mercy.”Romans 11:32
Yes, we are elected, that is, we are elected the moment we receive Christ by faith, as Lord and Savior of our lives!God does not predestine some to eternal life in heaven and some to eternal life in hell.A loving God could not do such a thing.
Romans 11:32 backs this up and is a verse that contains “the only real double predestination in the Bible.”  (1)  God has bound all to disobedience; we can do no good.  (2)  God has mercy on all; Jew and Gentile alike!
God excludes everybody on the basis of law and works so that He can include all on the basis of mercy!  Amen!  Without God’s grace we are unable to respond, but, because of the grace of God we are response - able!  Amazing Grace!

The Call to Holiness

"The doctrine of holiness should always be considered in it's proper setting--as an integral part of the redemptive purpose of God for men.  Rightly understood it is the one serious attempt which believers may make (as God shall help them) to translate the spirit of Jesus into a recognizable pattern of Christian behaviour."

~Frederick Coutts, The Call to Holiness

Everything We Need | Gord Johnson

In the morning Lord we do look to you For the strength we need just to make it through
Have mercy

In the evening Lord we look back and say It was in your strength that we made our way
Have mercy

You are everything we need Feed us Lord

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It's been a great Valentine's Day!

Leslie & I went to a movie tonight.  I was sitting in the theatre, before the movie started, offering a prayer up to God in thanks for our wonderful children.  I thanked Him for the chapter of life that we are in right now.  We have good, responsible children.  They are certainly a blessing.

I thank the good Lord for my partner, Leslie.  This is our 24th Valentine's Day together and it ranks up there amongst the best!

I love you babe!